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a turtle’s eye view – dead souls by j. lincoln fenn

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via gallery books in exchange for an honest review.

what if a man walked up to you for a chat and, in the course of it, told you that he was the devil? would you believe him? what if he offered you one wish in exchange for your soul? would you play along? t’s not like there’s any such thing as the devil, right? it’s not like wishes can really be granted, right? it’s not even like souls really exist. right?

in dead souls, by j. lincoln fenn, fiona quinn is getting drunk in a bar after seeing her boyfriend at the tail-end of a compromising situation. when a man comes up to buy her a drink, he introduces himself as scratch and makes her an offer: one wish in exchange for her soul and a favour to be collected later. fiona takes scratch up on his offer only to wake up and discover that the devil is real, she has taken the deal, and she is now a “dead soul” just waiting for scratch to call her favour in.

dead souls starts out great and just keeps going. fiona is an intriguing character with an interesting back story and completely relatable mistakes and bad habits. fenn takes the old premise of selling your soul to the devil and gives it new life with the idea that you don’t just get something, you owe something in return and your soul is the voucher.

fenn’s writing is fresh and dynamic and her characters, yes even scratch, are compelling. make sure your calendar is clear when you pick up this book because it’s going to suck you in. and, when you reach the end, you’re going to hope, as i did, that you’ll be hearing from fiona and scratch again. soon.

four out of five stars