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a turtle’s eye view – mirror image by michael scott

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via tor books in exchange for an honest review.

at seven feet tall and four feet across the mirror is already considered unusual. but size isn’t all that matters here because this mirror doesn’t just show your reflection, it feeds on your emotions, your life, your soul.

in some ways, mirror image reminded me of the 2013 movie oculus (ignore the description because it’s just wrong) but only in that the mirror is somehow responsible for a great deal of death and madness. michael scott has written some interesting characters and a plot that is actually two different stories combined into one, but the story isn’t really about the people, it’s about the overarching life of the mirror and how it gets people to help it fulfill its desires.

the difficulty i had with the book was the mingling of sex and graphic violence and the descriptions of sexual violence being committed against women. the most egregious description portrays a rape as turning into an experience that the victim not only responds to but becomes complicit in. although the sexual violence is not used solely as a plot point, and scott spends time trying to explain it as how the mirror functions, the story suffers because of its inclusion.

one out of five stars