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a turtle’s eye view – the spirit chaser by kat mayor

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

second disclaimer – i am a genre snob and i absolutely admit that. i’m the kind of person who tells friends that i can’t go down the romance aisle in bookstores because i can feel my iq dropping. they flip me the bird, i wander off to the horror section or the thriller section or whatever, we go on with our book lives. had i actually paid attention to the genre description of this book when it was sent to me, i would never have selected it because, hello, romance.

that said.

the spirit chaser is a good supernatural thriller. i was interested immediately in the general premise (ghost hunters get their collective asses handed to them by ghosts) and wanted to see how the years of interfering in the lives (after-lives? non-lives?) of paranormal entities was going to finally catch up to the characters. kat mayor‘s (who is also k.m. montemayor) characters are generally well developed and we are given just enough information about their backgrounds to really relate to the human drama that makes the supernatural drama that much more perilous.

what i was less interested in was the “romance” side of the story, not just between the human characters but between the human and the demon who wants to possess him. who decided that the combination of sex and supernatural peril was sexy? there’s really nothing sexy about a demon raping someone – i use that word specifically, knowing how loaded it is, because who would ever consciously submit to sex with a demon. who would submit to sex with a ghost, even?

there are some uneven parts in the execution of the story. a good example is when the story veers from a discussion of serious theological doctrine to having a character call the demon as a “beeyotch”. there are several of these types of startling transitions and not only do they ring false, they pulled me completely out of the story each time. to balance that, however, the ending absolutely killed me and overall i’m glad i had the chance to read the story.

three out of five stars