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a turtle’s eye view – into the drowning deep by mira grant

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via hachette book group – orbit in exchange for an honest review.

it’s been seven years since the atargatis set sail to the mariana trench in order to film a “mockumentary” about mermaids. seven years since it was found, battered and empty, miles from where it was supposed to be. seven years since the video showing what happened was found, the video that everyone believes is a hoax. it’s been seven years…and now it’s time for a new ship to sail. time for a new group of scientists to investigate. time to find out once and for all what happened to the atargatis. time to find out if mermaids are real.

i hate calling something a sequel. somehow, it makes it seem like the original was less than whole, less than perfect, in and of itself. rolling in the deep, the novella that opened up this boat of mermaid horrors, was amazing. and it left so many questions, so many unresolved fears. now – in a full-length novel no less!!! – author mira grant gives us all the answers we were looking for and so very many that we didn’t want.

into the drowning deep is a well researched, incredibly taut, amazingly frightening story that follows a new group gathered together to investigate what really happened to the atargatis seven years ago. hundreds of people, crew and scientists, are going back to where it all started; they have the best equipment, the best security, the best defenses and they’re ready. if you’re a mira grant fan you know that THAT is the point when you should be dropping all your toys and running away screaming. if you’re new to mira grant’s world…well, we’ll try not to point and laugh when you stop to ask a question and get your face eaten off.

grant’s writing is always captivating and never more than in this book. she weaves just enough of the details from rolling in the deep into the story that if you haven’t read it you can still keep up and if you have read it you’re getting a different view of what happened. there are plenty of detailed scientific discussions for the science people, and they’re explained just enough for those of us who don’t have a scientific mind. there is blood and gore and death and destruction enough for any horror fan to love. there are teeth, you cannot believe how many ripping tearing chewing teeth there are. but there is also heart, and friendship, and the sadness at the loss of each. there is humor, and annoyance, and the unwillingness to live without answers. you look at a book that says mira grant and you automatically think horror and science; you should also automatically think of all these other things, though. she writes them as naturally as she does the horror and without them, the horror wouldn’t be nearly as terrifying. without the people, the loss of the atargatis wouldn’t have mattered. without the mystery, the journey wouldn’t mean nearly as much. without the heart, the price for the answers wouldn’t be so very steep.

five out of five stars.