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a turtle’s eye view – zero day by ezekiel boone

disclaimer ā€“ i received a copy of this book via atria/emily bestler books in exchange for an honest review.

let me just tell you upfront that i am severely arachnophobia.
i also loathe the creepy crawly little murder bugs with every fiber of my being.

now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way let’s talk about ezekiel boone and his series, the hatching. i just finished zero day (book three in the series) and i’m equal parts thrilled that it’s over (did i mention the whole arachnophobia thing) and seriously considering starting the series over again because i just found it available in audio format. think about that for a moment, would you? i’m literally frozen with fear at the sight of a spider but absolutely loved this series.

zero day was a completely satisfying ending to a fantastic series about a 10,000 year old species of spider that just might be the thing to wipe out humanity forever. in the finale, boone not only ups the stakes but ratchets up the tension to the point that i don’t remember breathing during the last hour-and-a-half that i was reading. boone’s writing is masterful throughout the series but this book really showcases his ability to make the characters crawl inside your head (sorry). they’re well written and it’s easy to empathize with them, both in their personal lives and in their responses to the catastrophic threat humanity is facing. though zero day is the culmination of what in the novels is only a few weeks (from first appearance of the spiders to the end of the novel) it feels longer…it feels like forever in a world where humans are no longer the apex predator.

this series is utterly terrifying if you don’t like spiders. it’s utterly terrifying if you do like spiders for that matter. what you need to know is that it will keep you up reading until the end and you will absolutely not regret reading it. it’s not always easy for an author to fulfill the promises made in the early books of a series but ezekiel boone does it. with style.

five out of five stars