i hate “about me” pages. i don’t even use my real name most places on the internet so why on earth would i spew a bunch of generalized crap that nobody really wants to know?

here are some random facts:

  • i am addicted to starbucks
  • i use the word fuck A LOT
  • i use proper grammar and spelling in text messages
  • my favourite word is irascible
  • i can’t stand the sound of liquid being poured from a bottle into a glass (ex. wine poured into a glass)
  • my favourite colour is purple
  • my five favourite books are: instructions by neil gaiman; let’s pretend this never happened by jenny lawson; lamb by christopher moore; one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez; a head full of ghosts by paul tremblay
  • i’m not allowed to watch the animal chanimal (animal planet) because i used to watch the animal cops shows and call my husband in tears when they’d find an abused dog and have to save it


here is a picture of alonso’s lady pembroke.
she was our first corgi and i still miss her:

alonso's lady pembroke 03/16/96 - 08/17/10
alonso’s lady pembroke
03/16/96 – 08/17/10
image designed by liisa s.


here is a picture of lucy the rescue corgi. she adopted us on 09/27/10.
her birthday is 11/09/08:

lucy the rescue corgi
lucy the rescue corgi

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Wonderful about me! Love your pups!! And, I love, love your favorite word! One of my most favorite words is defenestration (the act of throwing someone or something out of a window). Always makes me giggle. Learned it on Twitter! Take care, RL

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