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a turtle’s eye view – notes from the internet apocalypse by wayne gladstone

disclaimer – i won an advanced reader’s copy of this novel through goodreads’ first reads program.

how would you handle the loss of the internet? not just a brief outage, but a complete and total shutdown for an unknown reason. think about it – no goodreads, no bloggess, no twitter. in notes from the internet apocalypse that’s exactly what happens and the world goes crazy. there are “zombie” groups in new york trying to fill the gaping holes left in their lives. and out of this darkness comes a prophet with news of a saviour. an internet messiah who will bring the ‘net back.

let’s be clear, i was expecting something completely different from wayne gladstone‘s novel. satire, biting humour, the overarching question of what we would do if the internet went away, i was prepared for all of that. what i wasn’t expecting was a story that would leave me heartbroken. a story that would actually have me questioning the ways i use the internet. a story that really made me look at the differences between the people i called my friends a decade ago and the people i call my friends now. gladstone’s novel is social commentary with an unexpected soul.

four out of five stars